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How It Works

1. Choose Package

Look at the different packages and pick the one you love. Click the book now button to fill out the inquiry form with all details needed to make your day possible. We will contact you within 48hrs to discuss and go from there.

2. Picnic Day

We will reach out to you the day of to share the exact location of your picnic.

3. Enjoy

All you have to do is show up and enjoy. No need to clean up we will take care of that.




This package includes

  • Romantic balloon garland

  • 12 latex balloons over the bed

  • Rose petals trail

  • 12 Foil heart balloons

  • 24 LED candles

  • Floor balloons



  • Romantic balloon banner

  • 20 latex balloons over bed

  • 24 Foil hearts

  • 12 dozen roses

  • 4000 rose petal hallway

  • Bed design

  • Floor balloons


Image by Brigitte Tohm
Image by Slava Stupachenko

True Love

3  hour set up time


  • 24 Luxury Hanging Roses with latex balloons

  • Romantic balloon banner

  • 36 floating hearts

  • 6000 rose petal with unique design

  • 24 rose bouquet

  • Large Teddy

  • 48 LED candles

  • floor balloons


Movie Vibes

Movie and Picnic for 2


This package includes:

-Screen & Projector

-Concession Area

-Rugs and/or blankets

-A highly styled mix of pillows


-Professionally styled tablescape with variations of the following:

  • Chargers

  • Plates (dinner, salad)

  • Cutlery (knife, fork, spoon)

  • Drinkware

  • Candles

  • Linens (can include napkins, tablecloths, and/or runners)

  • Table decorations

  • Waste bin

Concessions area will include popcorn machine, popcorn, oil, seasoning, popcorn sleeves, and a variety of candy.


Seating consists of  either inflatable couch, inflatable beds, floor pillows or floor cushions.


This is for private residents only


Hot tub and Picnic for 2

Heated Love 


3 Day rental

This package includes:

-Bubble Tent decorated with

  • Rose petals

  • Led candles

  • Balloons

  • Floating tray

-Lux Picnic in it's entirety 

-Charcuterie (feeds 2)

- Bottle of Champagne 

- 2 Robes 

-Bluetooth Speaker

Hot tub can be rented without picnic setup as well.

Hot tub will need 1 day to fully heat.

We must have access to a water source and electricity 

This is for private residents only

Available October- February

PLEASE NOTE: A Damage Deposit of $200 is required for all Hot tub rentals and will be returned once inspected.

Proposal and Picnic for 2


Coming Soon

Image by Javier González

I Have an Idea

Don't see what you have in mind. Fill out the form and tell us more about your great idea.

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